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[Ship from UK] Original Autel MaxiTPMS TS401 TPMS Diagnostic and Service Tool Lifetime Free Update Online

[Ship from UK] Original Autel MaxiTPMS TS401 TPMS Diagnostic and Service Tool Lifetime Free Update Online

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Autel MaxiTPMS TS401 is Autel new generation TPMS diagnose and service tool, provides you easy and quick access to the faulty TPMS sensor to help you increase customer satisfaction and boost your bottom line. it's unparalleled sensor coverage and easy to use feature make it become most customer's beloved TPMS tool.

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by Mr.Dean on Oct 29, 2013
Hello,this one has battery in it?
Replied by leeda on Oct 29, 2013
Hi,dear friend
This one has Built-in rechargeable Li-polymer battery inside it.
Best regards!
by Mr.Sashi on Oct 10, 2013
I was needing to recalibrate my sensors on my truck,this tool is priced right and does what it's supposed to, truly a great product.
Replied by leeda on Oct 10, 2013
Hi,dear friend
Thanks for your message.
Best regards!
by Mr.Jackson Madukwe on Sep 26, 2013
I have a 2005 pilot which I bought in January. In the winter my TPMS light kept coming on. I checked the tire pressure and everything was fine and then the light went away and I haven't seen it in months. About two days ago the light came on while I was driving. Again the tire pressure is fine (I am well aware that this light is for the system and not the tire pressure but I checked anyways). I turn on my car and drive for 5 minutes and the light comes on but then when I'm paying attention to the road and not the dash it turns off. I called my mechanic and he insisted that I have a flat tire but I know I don't and I also tried to explain that the TPMS does not monitor the tire pressure itself but the system that monitors that (gotta love the complexity of modern technology!) So does anyone have any thoughts?
How serious is this problem? Is there anything I can do? Is this an expensive thing to fix?
I'm not overly concerned but it is annoying to see the light on all the time and I don't want that to cause any unnecessary problems.
Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.
Replied by Juliana on Sep 26, 2013
Hi,dear friend
I will check with our technical and see whether we can give you any suggestion.
Best regards!
by Mr.Daniel Dan on Aug 7, 2013
Hello, can i use this one to program pressure sensor for my car?
Replied by Juliana on Aug 8, 2013
Hi,dear friend
TS401 can only used to diagnose, if you need do program, please choose TS601 or TS501.
Thank you and best regards!
by Mr.daniel nubery on Aug 2, 2013
Hello, does this one support online update?
Replied by Juliana on Aug 2, 2013
Hi,dear friend
Yes, it is original tool, software keep updating. It support one year online update.
Best regards!
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